Take A Moment To Breathe

May 15, 2017 by Bryan Moyles

It’s pretty cliché isn’t it? Everyone always talks about taking a little bit of time to yourself yet never seem to practice it themselves. I often find myself being that person and I find it difficult to find people who actually take a moment to breathe, relax, and find themselves. What are your priorities and goals? Do you have any? If you don’t have any, you must not want any, right? This is your chance to take a moment to breathe become intentional about your next steps in life.


What’s Your Next Goal?

Don’t think about your BILLION next goals, think tangibly about ONE goal that you’d like to tackle and take note of the other ones, focus all of your energy into that ONE goal and knock it out of the park. It may seem a little silly, but even if you have closely related goals, I’ve found that keeping it simple will push you down the path of personal success faster than anything else. We’re efficiency machines trying to get EVERYTHING done in one shot only to find ourselves frozen tackling too many things at once and ending up further back than when we started.


How Will You Accomplish That Goal?

Have you ever gone into another room and forgotten why you went there in the first place? PLEASE don’t let this happen with goals that are important to you, it’s so incredibly easy to forget where we’re going when we don’t have a tangible plan to get there. Write down the steps you can think of to accomplish your goal, pretty please with a cherry on top. Even if it’s just ONE step for now you can always add to your list later! You can’t steer a car anywhere meaningful without a little bit of momentum.


Don’t Cut Corners

Unless of course, that’s part of your plan. If you have not clearly defined up front where it will be okay to cut corners later on in your plan, then don’t do it in the midst of your plans unless it’s an absolute emergency. Try your best to stick with your success plan, always acknowledging that things will change, and you should adjust accordingly, but not for the sole purpose of cutting corners.


What’s Next?

When you’ve accomplished one of your goals, you’re already well on your way to accomplishing the next one! I personally love writing down goals that I think of while I’m accomplishing my current goal, that way they won’t prevent me from completing my current one and I can revisit it later when I’m assessing my next highest priority. Always remember that the person you’re accomplishing these goals for should be yourself. You will only be able to provide sustainable help to others when you’ve learned to invest time and energy into yourself.

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