An Exciting New World

May 5, 2017 by Bryan Moyles

I’ve finally achieved a personal goal of working at Google one day! What a myriad of emotions that decision has come with though! After working with the company that helped transformed me into the person that I am for the last 8.5 years, I’ve decided to move on to Google and continue to grow myself by working with some of the industry leader’s and join the team at StackDriver which is something I’ve used very frequently ever since moving TelTech to the Google Cloud Platform.

Making The Decision

I’ve been hungry to find new challenging problems which has sent me on my travels of Killing Robocalls, speaking at the O’Reilly SACon in London, and help develop an open source Microservice Framework for TelTech, where I learned that documentation is an area that I’m extremely weak in at the moment! Making the decision to go to Google was one of the most difficult, and yet one of simplest choices I’ve had to make in the history or my career.

I knew leaving TelTech would be extraordinarily difficult because they had become my family over the last decade, and leaving them would be hard, very hard. When I received my offer from Google after their rigorous yet enjoyable interview process I knew the time had come to sit down with the owner’s of TelTech and create a game plan for my transition, which I ensured would be as long and painless as possible, about 3 months. Long story short, we were all sad, but they were extremely proud of me and supportive of my decision to continue to grow myself. What an amazing feeling to know that I had dedicated nearly a decade of my life to two people that cared about me that much.

Company Trip To Colorado

A New Chapter

I get more excited each day for my start date at Google. I’m so thrilled to be challenged on an entirely new level and work with people that will push me in new ways. I strongly believe the potential for growth is inside of every single person, and that it’s not dependent on external factors, but those external factors certainly help contribute towards a positive and challenging environment where I will once again feel like an extremely small fish, a feeling that I hope EVERY person out there never forgets.

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